Shelby "Code Red" Twin Turbo GT500

Code Red Components

  1. (01) Shelby by Fathouse Performance Twin Turbo System

    Featuring hand built heavy wall stainless headers with billet collector, Xona 62mm dual ball bearing turbos, titanium heat protection, and full 3″ active exhaust system

  2. (02) Fully Forged Engine Upgrade

    • Custom Manley Pistons 10.5:1 CR
    • Manley I Beam Rods
    • ARP Main Studs
    • ARP Head Studs
    • Oil Squirter Block Offs
    • PAC Valve Springs
    • Ferrea Competition Valves
    • HD Secondary Timing Chains
    • Ford Performance Oil Pump Gear and Crank Sprocket
    • Amsoil 5w50 Signature Oil
    • NGK Spark Plugs
    • Billet Anodized Coil Cover Set with Shelby Logo

  3. (03) Fathouse Performance Billet Intake Manifold/ A2W Intercooler
  4. (04) Complete Fuel System Upgrade
  5. (05) MoTeC M150 Engine Management Package

    The most advanced engine management available for your GT500. With MoTeC we are able to add advanced traction control and boost by gear allowing 1300hp to be transferred to the pavement with ease! This is also a true flex fuel system which means you can run 93 octane or E85 ethanol as well as any mix of the two. MoTeC will detect the ethanol content in the fuel in real time and adjust the tune accordingly without any input from the driver. Power is fully adjustable at the touch of a button via the factory drive modes. Normal mode will make 700hp on 93 octane while drag mode will make over 900hp! If you are running E85 your power numbers will shift upward in each mode to a peak of 1300hp in drag mode! MoTeC offers many other great features like: Rolling Anti-Lag, Aggressive Launch Control, Ghost Cam, Engine Protection Features, and Advanced Data Logging.

  6. (06) Shelby Widebody Package
  7. (07) Fully Upgraded Suspension
  8. (08) Shelby Forged Aluminum Wheels

    • One-piece 6061-T6 forged aluminum, 20×11 front with 305/30/20 performance tires, 20×13 rear with 345/30/20 performance tires

  9. (09) Shelby Carbon Fiber Package and Badging
  10. (10) CSM Numbered Engine and Dash Plate
  11. (11) Custom Leather Code Red Seat Covers