2020+ GT500 MoTeC M150 Package

Turn Key Package Price $14,999

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Max Power at Engine RPM =

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Description + Specs

  1. (01) Variable Traction Control
  2. (02) True Flex Fuel
  3. (03) Advanced Launch Control
  4. (04) Power Adjustment via OEM Drive Modes
  5. (05) Engine Failsafes
  6. (06) Ghost Cam
  7. (07) Advanced Data Logging
  8. (08) Boost by Gear
  9. (09) Rolling Anti-Lag (twin turbo applications)

Introducing the Fathouse Performance Shelby Motec M150 Package, a cutting-edge and comprehensive performance upgrade designed to elevate the performance and capabilities of your Shelby vehicle to unprecedented heights. Built upon the foundation of motorsport-grade technology, this package combines the legendary Shelby performance with the advanced control and precision of the Motec M150 engine management system.

At the heart of this extraordinary package lies the MoTeC M150, an industry-leading engine management system renowned for its unparalleled performance and versatility. Fathouse Performance integrates this advanced system seamlessly into your Shelby vehicle, unlocking a new realm of control and optimization over its engine and drivetrain. The Motec M150’s powerful processor and extensive array of sensors allow for precise tuning and monitoring of various engine parameters, resulting in optimized performance, enhanced power delivery, and improved reliability.

With the Fathouse Performance Shelby MoTeC M150 Package, every aspect of your vehicle’s performance is meticulously fine-tuned and optimized. Fathouse Performance engineers utilize the MoTeC M150’s advanced capabilities to optimize fuel and ignition maps, fine-tune camshaft profiles, and optimize airflow dynamics. These adjustments result in a noticeable increase in power, torque, and overall drivability, offering an exhilarating driving experience that is both responsive and refined.  Features like advanced traction control and boost by gear make sure you are putting all of your new found power to the ground safely!

Furthermore, the Motec M150 Package offers advanced data logging and telemetry capabilities, allowing you to monitor and analyze various performance metrics in real-time. This valuable data empowers you to fine-tune your driving technique and make informed decisions to optimize your vehicle’s performance further.

With the Fathouse Performance Shelby Motec M150 Package, not only do you gain access to cutting-edge technology and performance upgrades, but you also benefit from the expertise and craftsmanship of a renowned performance engineering team. Each package is meticulously installed and calibrated by Fathouse Performance technicians, ensuring that every aspect of the upgrade is executed to the highest standards.

Our MoTeC M150 package is the most advanced tuning system you can get for your high performance Shelby GT500.  The MoTeC system allows you to run 93 octane pump gas as well as E85 ethanol.  You can also mix them in any possible ratio.  The MoTeC will recognize the amount of ethanol in the fuel and automatically adjust the tune for the mixture currently in your fuel tank.  This is the only system available for your Shelby GT500 that can do this!  Another unique feature is boost by gear, which works for both twin turbo AND supercharger applications.  On a twin turbo application we electronically control boost with MoTeC’s built in boost controller strategies and we control how far the throttle body opens on supercharged cars.  This mean we can control how much boost and horsepower your supercharged car makes in each gear.   You can floor your car in 1st or 2nd gear and enjoy acceleration instead of just spinning tires!  Our advanced traction control mapping also means you will be putting down the maximum amount of power per your conditions.   We constantly monitor front and rear wheel speed and the traction control strategies adjust power so quickly you wont even notice that its happening.   Should you ever decide that you want a more uncontrolled experience you can simply turn the traction control off with the factory toggle in front of the shifter.

Drive Modes:  Did you ever wish your Shelby’s power went up each time you changed the drive mode?  Well now it will!  We have setup each drive mode to increase in power output.  Power output in each mode is based on ethanol content.  For example your Shelby GT500 will make 650 horsepower in normal mode on straight 93 octane and 800hp in drag mode (highest setting).  Each modes power will increase with ethanol content.

In summary, the Fathouse Performance Shelby Motec M150 Package is the ultimate performance upgrade for your Shelby vehicle, delivering unparalleled control, power, and performance. With the Motec M150 engine management system at its core, this package offers an exceptional level of precision tuning, advanced data monitoring, and the thrilling driving experience you expect from a high-performance vehicle. Embrace the power of motorsport-grade technology and unleash the full potential of your Shelby with the Fathouse Performance Shelby Motec M150 Package.

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