Shelby GT350 1000R Twin Turbo Package

Turn Key Package Price $69,999

  • 802 WHP on 93 Oct
  • 5.5 secs 60–130 MPH
  • 980 WHP on E85

DynoJet Research

Figures Don’t Lie

Max Power 972 at Engine RPM = 7.77

Max Torque 699 at Engine RPM = 7.06

DynoJet Research Graph

1000R Owner's Manual

Each build comes with its own Fathouse Performance Owner’s Manual that documents everything that was done to the vehicle along with maintenance/operation procedures


Description + Specs

  1. (01) Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel Turbo Headers

    Our turbo headers are built with strength and durability in mind. We start with heavy wall 304 stainless steel tubing that is mandrel bent to our custom specifications. Each tube is hand fit into our billet head flange and billet collector in a CNC machined fixture to insure precise fitment every time.

  2. (02) Titanium Turbo Header Blankets

    Heat protection is very important, especially so in a turbo application. We have custom designed turbo heat protection blankets to keep the heat inside the header where it belongs. This not only protect your car and the components around the header it also keeps the turbos spooling up fast!

  3. (03) Xona Rotor Dual Ball Bearing Turbochargers

    Xona Rotor turbochargers are engineered, manufactured and assembled in the USA. This is more than mere pride. By controlling every aspect of what goes into our turbochargers, we hold tighter tolerances, include premium materials and develop advanced manufacturing techniques. The result? Peerless turbochargers.

  4. (04) Custom Turbo Air Filters
  5. (05) Titanium Turbo Blankets
  6. (06) Custom Fabricated Stainless Downpipes

    We hand build every turbo exhaust to fit perfectly on your car. Each system is food grade stainless steel polished both inside and out for optimal flow and aesthetics. All systems are backpurge tig welded for superior strength.

  7. (07) 4.5" Air-to-Air Intercooler w/ Billet End Tanks

    Symmetrical billet intercooler tanks peak through your grill to make sure everyone knows you have something mean hiding under the hood

  8. (08) Powder Coated Intercooler Piping
  9. (09) TSS Billet Oil Pump Gears
  10. (10) Fathouse Fab Race Catch Can
  11. (11) Fathouse Fab Coolant Tank
  12. (12) Fathouse Performance Billet Coil Covers
  13. (13) MoTeC M150 ECU
  14. (14) Johnson Tuning Flex Fuel Dyno Calibration

    Each car is tuned precisely on our DynoJet chassis dyno by Johnson Tuning. Corbin Johnson is the premier forced induction tuner for the late model Ford platform. No one has more experience in high horsepower turbo applications.

  15. (15) Purpose Built Scavenge System
  16. (16) ID1300x Fuel Injectors
  17. (17) Twin Pump Return Style Fuel System
  18. (18) TiAL MVS Wastegates
  19. (19) TiAL Q Blow Off Valve
  20. (20) Stainless Works 3" Exhaust System
  21. (21) MGW Short Throw Shifter
  22. (22) RPS Triple Disc Carbon Clutch
  23. (23) QA1 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
  24. (24) Anti-Wheel Hop Suspension Package
  25. (25) 1000R Billet Weighted Shift Knob
  26. (26) 1000R Badging
  27. (27) 1000R Owner's Manual

Introducing the awe-inspiring Fathouse Performance Shelby GT350 1000 Horsepower Twin Turbo Package, a true testament to engineering excellence and raw power. Designed for the discerning enthusiast seeking uncompromising performance, this package transforms the legendary Shelby GT350 into an automotive marvel, capable of delivering mind-blowing acceleration and exhilaration on demand.

At the heart of this incredible package lies a meticulously designed and finely tuned twin-turbocharged system. Fathouse Performance engineers have carefully integrated twin turbochargers into the GT350’s 5.2-liter V8 engine, extracting every ounce of performance potential. Through a combination of precision engineering and expert calibration, this twin-turbo setup generates a staggering 1000 horsepower to the wheels, propelling the GT350 to new levels of speed and excitement.

To ensure the utmost reliability and drivability, the Fathouse Performance team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to supporting modifications. Upgraded fuel system, a high-flow intercooler system, a robust engine management system, and upgraded oil pump gears are all part of the comprehensive package. This cohesive integration ensures that the twin-turbo system performs flawlessly while maintaining the durability and reliability expected from the Shelby GT350.

To harness the full potential of the 1000 horsepower beast, Fathouse Performance utilizes a MoTeC M150 packages that add features like true Flex Fuel, Boost by Gear, and Advanced Traction Control to name a few.  The GT350’s chassis and suspension also receive a host of carefully selected upgrades. Fathouse Performance enhances the vehicle’s handling characteristics with a custom curated anti-wheel hop kit, and upgraded bushings.  The factory Michelin tires are also replace with Toyo R888R tires. These modifications work in perfect harmony, providing unparalleled cornering ability, improved traction, and razor-sharp responsiveness, enabling drivers to push the limits of performance with confidence.

Optional carbon fiber body enhancements, such as a front splitter, side skirts, and a rear diffuser, not only enhance aerodynamics but also lend a purposeful and aggressive look to the vehicle. The package can be further personalized with various wheel and tire options, allowing enthusiasts to create a unique and captivating presence on the road.

In summary, the Fathouse Performance Shelby GT350 1000 Horsepower Twin Turbo Package represents the pinnacle of automotive performance. With its meticulously engineered twin-turbo system, enhanced suspension, and striking aesthetics, this package transforms the GT350 into a supercar-rivaling powerhouse. Prepare to be enthralled by an adrenaline-fueled driving experience that combines blistering speed, precise handling, and uncompromising style, pushing the boundaries of what a Mustang can achieve.

Starting at $69,999  •  2/Yr or 12,000 Mile Ltd Warranty

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